Listen to our voice

The autistic voice

allow its tones and registers

to make their mark

to say resoundingly

we are different, yes.

different not less.


Definitely different.

Definitely not less


ASD they call it.

ASD three letters that

fall so easily from the the lips,

of therapists, Drs, educators parents….


ASD three letters, that,

bring with them so many,

preconceptions, judgements,

so many stereotypes.


Autism Spectrum Disorder

No No No.

I am not disordered.

I am not sick.

I am different!


ASD three letters.

But with one little change.

Difference not disorder.

Autism Spectrum Difference.


Let’s call it that instead.

Do we call Einstein disordered?

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs?


No we call them eccentric,

No we call them different.

What about Dan Ackroyd.

What about Daryl Hannah.

And Tesla – There’s a big name!


Would we call them disordered.

No Different Not disordered.

Different Not Less.