The autism world is filled with references, analogies, labels and words that associate it to war and warriors. There are websites call “The Autism Wars”, Warrior Moms, fighting against autism and so the list goes on.

harmony-560630_1280Newsflash folks this ain’t no war.

Autistic children and adults are nothing to be warrior like against.

Autism itself is not a thing to fight, it is not waging war on anything.

This is a ridiculous construct that has been built out of a deficit, negative and less not different concept of Autism and Autistic human beings. And It really is time it just bloody well came to an end. It is not achieving anything positive for autistic people or autism services that I can see.

What it is doing though is feathering the nests of those that work for charities like Autism Speaks, who have a vested interest in propagating negative narratives around autism. The more the negative narratives prevail the more they can characterise autism in terms of epidemics and catastrophe. It makes it easier for them to tug at the heart-strings of the general public and so continue the cycle of negativity.

This is not a war, I as an autistic am not collateral damage, and neither are any children of warrior moms who falsely believe they are in a war.

This is not a war. War’s are horrible violent conflicts where people die, their limbs are blown off, bullets pierce their flesh and invade their internal organs leaving them bloody, broken and dying.

This is not a war. Let’s please move on from this negative and damaging metaphor.

Even when the so-called war is not against autistics, is not against autism per se, is not against vaccines or whatever else is the latest and greatest publicised cause of autism, it is still not a war and it is still damaging.

war-472611_1280The other day a comment was left on an article with the claim by a mom that they were not battling autism but they called themselves a warrior mom because they had to fight against the system that denied services and accommodations for their child, they were a warrior mom because they had to battle like a warrior for the inclusion of their child in mainstream school, to get therapies and etc.

I am sorry, but no this doesn’t make you a warrior because it isn’t a war. It’s life, and life is not a war.

I get it. I understand where she is coming from. I do. I am an autistic father and I have two autistic children. I have lived a life of missing out on these things and parented with an eye always on ensuring that my kids are able to access what they need. So yes. I get it.

But, it’s still not a war and you still are not a warrior.

It would be wonderful to see those that like to claim that warrior mum label could lose it.

If websites that claim they are at war with autism could ceasefire

If not a warrior mom or a war then what?

Well it’s not a war it’s life.

And no you are not a warrior, yes you fight for your kids. What you are in fact is an advocate.

Not a warrior an advocate.

An advocate fights for the best things possible for those they represent. Surely you can align with that?