As I discussed in An Exciting Collaboration I have been working with Never Less Than Everything in a vodcast project. We spent some time yesterday recording our first video. A bit of an intro to us. Trish worked hard while I slept editing and has marvellously got it ready for public consumption.

It’s a thing of beauty, well I guess I am rightly biased about it all. But in all seriousness I believe this to be a good start to what I hope becomes a great forum for exploring and discussing many different issues and ideas around being autistic, autism and parenting autistic kids.

I invite you to watch below. Or at our  You Tube Channel

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It’s been a real labour of love working on this project. I hope you find it informative, entertaining and inspiring. I am inspired to be working on this with a wonderful person who I am thankful to be able to say is becoming a wonderful friend.

Thanks Trish. You rock.

And of course. We welcome any sharing as widely as possible.