What a day it was. So much to negotiate on the edge for most of it today.

A wet walk to the train in the rain.

A packed train full of noisy kids.

A painful appointment.

A wet walk through the city

A packed tram

A tram unexpectedly terminated

A wet wait for another tram

A missed train

Another train full of noisy kids

A wet walk home

A surly teenager

A misbehaving set of plugins

All of this has left me in a real on the edge kind of feeling for most of the day. I am sure I have been overly short with my kids this morning. I have just been wanting some quiet time where I don’t have to interact and work out what the hell people are saying in what they aren’t saying.

So there it is me now sitting here talking crap out here. Having achieved nearly nothing today except feeling like its all going to explode from within.