It is Game on time!

For too long the game has been in the hands of the professionals and the carers. In the hands of those that say they know what is best for us.

The narrative has been dominated by those that are not us. Those that are not actually autistic. Those that would remove, cure, prevent us.

The results have not been good. The results have brought us puzzle pieces. The results have brought for us organisations that hate us.

The results have brought us therapies that harm us. Campaigns to destroy us.

It has brought us torturers like:

Andrew Wakefield

Jeff Broadstreet

Kerri Rivera

The list could go on.

We have things like this:


We get advertising campaigns like this:

(Note a parody of the add originally published by Autism Speaks).

It’s game on. No more of this. No more acceptance of BeWareness programs as actually being for actual autistics.

It’s game on, no more passively listening to anti-vaccination rubbish.

It’s game on time.

It’s time to stand up and be counted. It’s time to say no more lies. No more pathologising. No more no more no more.

I am autistic. I am here and yes I will speak out. I will tell you that I am not a disease. I am not a disorder.

For too many years the control has been in the hands of those that don’t want us.

For too many years the silencing has been the typical thing.

For too many years actually, autistics have walked through a haze a fog of alienation.

It’s game on.

G is for game on.

The game, that’s more than a game, it’s a really important thing, is to change the narrative.

The game is to stop the language of pathology.

The game is to stop the language of cure

The game is to stop in its tracks the efforts to silence and disrespect us.

The game is to permanently delete the lies of the anti-vaxers.

The game is to amplify actually autistic voices.

The game is to promote and proclaim neurodiversity

The game is to ensure that nothing about us without us is a fact, not just a slogan.

The game is to get all believing we are different not less.

The game is there to be won.

The result of the win is Acceptance, Celebration, Autistic Pride.

G is for Game on!