The jottings and musings of a non NT.

Well that is definitively what I am I do not at this present moment have a diagnosis but I am definitively and defiantly Non NT. 

I have 2 kids who are also NONNT and they both have diagnosis. I guess this started me to think about this from a personal perspective.

I headed to Aspie tests and took the test and boy what a score.

I found a number of tests every one put me on the spectrum

I thought about my personal history, I thought about my social interactions, I thought about my friends or lack there of.

I take my kids to school I notice stuff like how easy the other parents relate to each other, look at each other – in the eyes even and I feel incapable of participating in this way.

I feel at home behind a screen taping at a keyboard.

I try to make eye contact and it is like being pierced in some way.

I remember things so many things, exactly as they were.

This summer during the cricket season – a rain interupted match – an old game televised – in about a minute I was telling all who would listen when this game was – and what the result was down to the last ball bowled.

It is important to me that what is said is true, correct and factual.

I can’t work out the unspoken motives and emotives that are hidden beneath layers of discussions and words.

Whatever all this makes me, wherever on the spectrum it leaves me: This is me and I need to be comfortable in my own skin.