One does not need to read too widely in any variety of media sources to find an appeal to human rights. It could be rights for children, refugees, women, LGBTIQ, or any minority or majority group at all.

person-110305_1280There are bills of rights, rights are enshrined in things like the United Nations Human Rights Declarations, The Bill of Rights. So many sources of such declarations. There really is. But what does it actually mean? What do we mean and who do we mean?

We call them human rights, surely we mean them to apply to humans? All humans? Surely! Seriously!

But do we mean it? This is the question.

As readers know I am an autistic man. A proud autistic man in fact. I wear that I am autistic loud and proud. I have a question here though. Do these human rights actually apply to me?

I would like to believe they do. I really would, but I am having trouble. You might wonder why. Why would I have trouble with this, human rights are enshrined in law, they are, as I said enshrined in the United Nations Charter. In so many ways we must applaud that this is the case.

The big question here then is how do we classify human. What do we really mean when we say that. I mean do we really mean all homo-sapiens. Do we mean those with disabilities? Do we really mean those with conditions such as Downs Syndrome or severe intellectual disabilities. Do we really mean this?

I am wondering at the veracity of our belief in this. Circumstances continue to arise that make me question the belief of this from the legal and governmental structures to the parents of those with disabilities.

I can’t help but wonder. I can’t help but be concerned.

Currently in the USA there is at least one autistic adult woman, essentially held hostage by the state, her communication device taken from her and her access to her family withheld.

What of her human rights?

team-386673_1280All over the world children are being fed quack treatments to “cure” them of autism. Chlorine Dioxide – Better known as bleach, is fed to them orally and by enema. GCMaf  is injected into them – an unregulated unsafe and untested blood product. And this is too happening to Adult children too.

What of their human rights?

Do we really believe in universal human rights?


I do! And I am well sick of seeing and hearing about how those rights are stripped away or ignored for autistic adults and children.

Enough is enough. Surely.

It’s time to put a stop to this.

Autistics across the world are campaigning against these horrid treatments. Petitions call for the release of adult autistics held under duress.

The authorities seem to be deaf.

Yes they are aware of the treatments. Yes they are lobbied and yes they have been provided with accurate and creditable information.

Yet websites abound that sell these vile products.

Yet parents face no restriction. These products are not made illegal. And perhaps more worrying that the use of these products on humans is not legislated to make it a crime to administer it.

Human rights are for ah, um, yes, HUMANS.

Last time I looked I qualified as a human. Last time I checked non verbal autistics passed as humans. Last I checked intellectual capacity was not something that reduced my humanity.

When Cecil the Lion was slaughtered the internet and the media was rightly outraged. But where I ask, where, is the outrage of the human rights of disabled people, being trampled.

Yes I call for Human Rights for all. Specifically I call for Human Rights for Autistics, because you know what we are humans too.

Human rights are for… wait for it… HUMANS!!