There seems to be a disconnect between those who are connected with Âûtistic people and those who are actually Âûtistic. It seems that those connected with Âûtistics are reticent to refer to those with whom they are connected by identity first language.

There are many blogs out there that express this dilemma more eloquently than I can, and I don’t intend a treatise on the whole issue. My intention here is to highlight a couple of things briefly.

Firstly. Âûtism is not something I caught. It’s not something that is additional to me, it is intricately part of me.  It is utterly interwoven into every fibre of who I am. It is a fundamental aspect of my neurological makeup.

Secondly. It is my choice. Yes. it is my choice to declare how I want to be referred to. I don’t actually care if you were trained to use person first language, I don’t actually care at all. It is disrespectful to my wishes and just bloody rude to refer to me as a person with autism, or having autism.

A quick comparison.

We are seemingly in the era of acceptance that sexual orientation is hard wired. That a persons sexuality is intimately a part of them. Ok. Good.

Do we say a person with gayness? A person with Lesbianism?

Imagine the fury from the LGBITQ community and rightly so too.

What about people who have no sight. Do we say a person with blindness.

Why is it that this simple request from us in the Âûtistic community so hard for the professional community to accept and to respect.

No I am not a person with Autism. No I don’t have Autism. No I am not sick I am not disordered.

I am Âûtistic. Proudly Âûtistic and Neurodivergent. Get over it. Respect it. Let’s get passed this rubbish and move on to more important things like. Destroying MMS, like thwarting the cure culture that wants to try anything and will stop at nothing to run their horrendous experiments.

I am proudly Âûtistic, I will shout it from the mountaintops, the building tops. But I want to shout more loudly – look over their at what these horrible people are doing to abuse us. Please stop it. Please respect us. Please don’t let this happen. Shut down that fraud. Put that charlatan where they belong.

Âûtistic voices let us unite behind our neurodivergence and declare our freedom, our shared humanity, our right to fair treatment and to be listened to.