What a weekend it has been. Sitting Monday morning after a weekend that was filled with a number of challenging times.

A day out visiting, and a visit to a new church.

These are really hard times to navigate. The thing that I find interesting is the interpretation that you don’t want to go. No it is not that it is that it is hard but you still want to be there.

Am I going to be able to communicate in this situation. What do I do with all the questions and the silence times and the other bits and of interaction when you just don’t know what to say.

I managed to get through without meltdowns. Without total overload.

I am pretty pleased to have managed this. I have though had within that a few moments that were touch and go.

So here I sit Monday feeling exhausted and finding it really hard to focus and concentrate and get on with what I need to get done, get into the routine…