Today I am heading off to a conference day/ seminar to hear Dr Tony Attwood speak. It will be one of those days of information intake and probably a lot of sensory overload given the number of people there.

I head there today as an aspie and an aspie’s dad. I will be amongst many teachers and other professionals there to learn how to help us.

Do we need help, or do we need understanding.

I am reading a book called from Anxiety to Meltdown at the moment. So far it is an interesting read. A question is raised about how much work goes into trying to make us normal. The crux of the question is essentially isn’t it time that the Neurotypical world perhaps met us half way?

An interesting idea I think. I know even in my time teaching this was true of the focus. The adaptations made in the classroom were not so much about actually catering for those on the spectrum but progress them towards being normal and fitting in.

Interestingly as I reflect on this I did seek to assist my students to have some understanding of those on the spectrum. To have some inclination of why they behaved, responded, interracted in the ways that they did.

Back to today….

Well I am feeling pretty nervous and stuff about the day. It is always so very exhausting being with people enmass for extended periods of time. I am very hopeful that I manage to get good information and insight today and that it will be all worthwhile.

Its a hard thing being the subject of the conference as it were. When what they talk about, relate about, give examples about and all that is something of you. Indeed it could even be described as the essence of you.

So I sit and contemplate and drink coffee as I prepare to experience something that hopefully will be of benefit and helpful.