Q is for Quack!

letter-1084824_640The duck goes quack!

As I begin this post I have in my mind’s eye an image of Donald Duck making his unintelligible quacking as he attempts to communicate to others. Quack Quack Quack Quack…..

The duck goes quack….

The quack sprouts unintelligible nonsense….

But of course, we are not talking about actual ducks, be they mallard ducks or any other ducks.

Q is for quack because the quacks go quack a doodle woo.

When it comes to autism there is a very large amount of quackery presented. The woo is strong around autism. The miracle cures, the latest wonder treatment to release us from our locked up existence, or to find us a way back from our personal lostness are everywhere.

This is never a good thing. It is never a good thing for unproven and often dangerous treatments to be levied upon anyone, not least people who are not sick or diseased to begin with.

Let’s get it straight, once and for all, autism does not need to be cured.

Q is for quack and the quacks abound…

The causes and cures make quite a list, we have rope worms, vaccines, leaky guts, gluten, casein, and more. We may as well come out and say it was all because of Donald J Trump. Actually, perhaps that would actually be a little more believable than the much of the other rubbish.

If it wasn’t so serious there would be a humourous side to it all but.

Q is for quack and there is absolutely nothing at all funny about some of the treatments perpetrated on autistics.

There is nothing funny about a child or vulnerable adult having bleach solution fed to them and administered via their rear passage.

There is nothing funny about children being subjected to risky chelation therapy to remove imaginary heavy metals.

There is nothing funny about human beings being injected with bovine hormones to cure them of non-disease.

There is nothing funny about a human being being subjected to faecal transplants.

No, it’s not funny at all.

And there’s just a smattering of the quack treatments that abound.

Q is for quack.

The quacks are out there. They are master manipulators of vulnerable parents who have been conned into believing lies by slick speech clever marketing and sciencey-sounding rubbish that is at best cherry picking of information and at worst outright lies.

The quacks are out there and they are out there for a single purpose. As much as they say they care about kids, or they want to help the suffering, they are after one thing, and that is every last cent they can con out of you.

Yes, Q is for Quack.

notsickThese people are not helpers, they are nasty, horrible, self-centred predators. They are leaches on society happy to see their fellow humans suffer in order to line their own pockets.

They are nothing but the modern day equivalent of the travelling snake-oil salesmen.

Anyone that tells you they can help you with a cure for autism is a quack. Because there is no cure. There never will be a cure and there never needs to be a cure.

They come in many guises these quacks.

They can look like doctors.

They can look like ordinary mom or dads.

They can look like professional therapists

They can look like chiropractors.

They can look like hippies.

It doesn’t matter what they look like because they are nothing more than quacks seeking to rip you off.

Whether it’s a load of new age rubbish tapping on your head or a full blown medical treatment where you have bovine products injected into a muscle, it is all just quackery.

Let’s be clear. No Cure Required for autism.

There are issues that need to be addressed for autistic people, often, in fact, we autistics have comorbid conditions that do need to be treated, like epilepsy for example.

Be assured I would never advocate the non-treatment of these issues.

But as for being autistic. I don’t need a cure. I am not diseased, sick or disordered and neither is any other autistic person.

Quack goes the duck.

Q is for Quack…