wonder-woman-533667_1280In a recent post I wrote about the so called hero but in actual fact monster Dr Wakefield. You can read the post here. Welcome to part two in this series of postings dealing with some notorious figures within the Autism industry. Because it is an industry, and it is an industry that is all about selling false hope, quack treatments and the abuse of autistic people. This may seem harsh but if you look at these figures with even a cursory glance it is very easy to see the underhanded strategies, the selling of false hope, the fudging with the truth in order to get people to sign on to their so called treatments.

As stated previously we considered Dr Wakefield the discredited and deregistered author of the study that set off the blame game of vaccinations causing autism. A point I neglected to mention in considering his research in that post was to mention the fact that along with all the other questionable things in the duration of his research was the interesting tidbit that Dr Wakefield had an application for an alternative MMR vaccine patent. Clearly he had a vested interest in discovering something wrong with the current MMR vaccine as it stood.

Onward we go to our next notorious figure, the late and not great Dr Jeff Bradstreet. In late June Bradstreet was found dead from what appears to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds. The death of any person is a tragedy, and let me be clear I do not write here to speak ill of the deceased and to jump on the grave of someone who is unable to defend themselves. 6a00d8357f3f2969e201b8d12cfbc3970cHowever, death does not exlclude one from critique and it needs to be said the work of this man is nothing less of horrific.

Bradstreet has in fact been characterised as a hero by the anti-vaccination movement and has been a vocal proponent of the discredited vaccine causing Autism theory. He has published questionable research however it has not stood to critique. According to the website quack watch:

Jeff Bradstreet, M.D. has been described by his fans as a “cutting edge doctor” who specialized in treating autistic children. However, a Special Master of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims who looked closely at Bradstreet’s work concluded that he habitually misdiagnosed and mistreated autistic children [1]. The 293-page report, issued in 2009, dissected Bradstreet’s management of Colten Snyder, whose family—based on the belief that vaccines caused the boy to develop autism—had petitioned the court for compensation . The court ruled that no such connection existed. This article highlights the Special Master’s observations. that Bradstreet had improperly diagnosed and treated Colten for “mercury toxicity.

The above linked article is well worth reading to discover just how outrageous the practices and processes in which Bradstreet was engaged in his so-called treating of Autism. He is roundly criticised for his questionable diagnosis, and even more questionable treatments.

radiation-646218_1280Bradstreet performed a plethora of questionable therapies, one of which known as Chelation, which is a treatment to remove heavy metals from a persons system. Bradstreet performed this treatment on Colten Snyder, even though the presence of mercury, the so called cause of autism, was not present in a treatable quantities.

The list of treatments that Bradstreet used included, as mentioned, Chelation, as well as, GcMaf, Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber, Stem Cell, Faecal implants. In addition to this whilst I am unaware of his actual use of Miracle Mineral Solution he was a supporter of Kerri Rivera – the subject of forthcoming post.

Earlier this year at the AutismOne quackiest Bradstreet bamboozles the watchers with so-called research and questionable conclusions and facts. His modus operandi was the selling of false hope and ensuring the continued pathologising of Autism.

Above is one of his several talks at the conference. If you have the stomach for it you can watch it, I don’t necessarily recommend you doing so as it is full of quackery and rubbish. However, it is here available if you would like to. What is clear is that he was extremely skilled at putting people at ease and romancing them to his point of view. A true snake oil purveyor plying their trade.

For a good starting point to go further into looking into Bradstreet’s treatments and so-called work the Wikipedia entry on him is a good jumping off point, here is a link to it. Clearly Wikipedia is not an exhaustive or scholarly credible place to research but it is in fact a place to begin.

Autism industry sites that continue to purvey the view of autism as a horrible disease that needs to be cured such as the Age of Autism, speak of being struck silent at Bradstreet’s death and have eulogised him with phrases like:

Like you, we read of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet’s death and were struck silent.  A stalwart leader in treating autism, really helping families, his loss is huge in our community.

It verges on worship and is deeply disturbing. Particular in light of such statements as that by the United States Justice system who have made comments about Bradstreet’s treatment and practice as:

he April 29, 2000 hair test for mercury demonstrated a low level of mercury in Colten’s hair, but one within the reference range of normal for the laboratory, and one well below the 90th percentile for U.S. children ages six to eight.” In addition, Vowell stated, “The more disturbing question is why chelation was performed at all, in view of the normal levels of mercury found in the hair, blood and urine, its apparent lack of efficacy in treating Colten’s symptoms, and the adverse side effects it apparently caused.” – Barrett, Stephen (15 March 2009). “”Autism Specialist” Blasted by Omnibus Special Master”Quackwatch. Retrieved 24 August 2013.

It is clear to me, and I am sure to many, that whilst the death of Dr Bradstreet is a sad occurrence, the autistic community, and in particular autistic children are safer now that he has passed away.

The next instalment of this will investigate the so called Angel Kerri Rivera, who dispensed Chlorine Dioxide as a so called cure to what she describes as the symptoms known as Autism.

soldier-147832_1280I hope to write this next instalment tomorrow. So I hope you will await it with interest.

Let us not pretend, Jeff Bradstreet was no hero, but very much a villain to the autistic community.

Thanks for reading.