Right. Time for the next instalment of the So Called Heroes of Autism. So far I have written about Dr Wakefield in Part One. Then in Part two Dr Jeff Bradstreet. If you have read them I thank you for doing so and I hope they were worthwhile.

Clearly these have not been exhaustive scholarly articles but I do hope they have been informative and a perhaps a starting point to investigate further what these quacks are about.

10399536_52839393099_9548_nMoving on to the next instalment now we consider the enigma that is Kerri Rivera. I say enigma as it is difficult to know where on earth she actually lives or works. I believe she is from Chicago in the USA, but of even that I can’t be sure. One thing that one can be sure of though is that this woman is no healer and the only person she is truly helping is herself and her financial standing. Unfortunately, this horror of a woman has many followers.

You can almost see the dollar signs in her eyes as she hides behind that plastic smile. It is something akin to the smile of the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland fame. Yes the dollar signs are certainly spinning fast for Kerri, you can buy her books, you can buy the products to follow her protocol, you can buy personal Skype consultations with her even, at a premium price of course. Yes our dear Angel of death is all about the dollars make no mistake about it.

One of Kerri’s consultations will cost you $100 for a single session but if you don’t have that kind of money of course you would just need to frequent her presence on Facebook or her forum group. Head on over to cdautism.org and join the forums of the all those that have been conned, deceived, and deluded by her. But be warned you will certainly see things that will disgust you, anger you, and possibly destroy your faith in the human condition.

Rivera rose to prominence with her book “Healing the Symptoms known as Autism” In this book Rivera makes the assertion that Autism is not in fact a neurological difference but is simply a clustering of symptoms that have been labeled as such. That in fact, autism really isn’t even a thing, that it can in fact be healed, that all you need to do is follow the 2_Quart_Economy_Enema_Ewonderful protocol she espouses. Of course you will need to purchase many things in order to follow said protocol. Supplements, restrictive diets are just the beginning. Along with this you will need to purchase a product called Miracle Mineral Solution, of course se will be able to help you with that. Additionally you will need, wait for it, an enema kit. Yes that’s correct, an enema kit, it’s not a typo. Read on and it will become clear.

Rivera’s protocol is based around the fact that the so called symptoms of autism are in fact parasites in the guts and internals of the people afflicted, she also refers to them as rope worms, which I believe do not exist, don’t quote me on that fact, but a quick google search on them will yield some very questionable results, the majority of the sites you see will have internet addresses that leave one skeptical at best, of any claims they make to have any merit whatsoever.

Miracle Mineral Solution is essentially industrial bleach. It is made from the combination of Sodium Chlorite and an activating agent or oxidizer, which makes it become Chlorine Dioxide. The product itself has an actual genuine use as a water purifier, which is human consumable, but of course, in extremely small doses. Now I am no scientist and do not pretend to be, so I won’t try to go into the science behind all this but I will just embed below a video from an Irish TV show, primetime. If you take the time to watch you will have some insight into this poison known as MMS.



Rivera calles her protocol a parasite protocol, in the forums you will see it referred to as PP. This many drops PP oral, hourly. This many by enema, then there is what is called a CD soak. Which from what I can tell is making a person soak in a bath infected with this MMS poison.

If you watched the video you would now be familiar with the fact that this MMS or CD as it is also referred to, is so potent that even the most minimal dose is over 500 times stronger than what is the accepted upper limit of a safe amount for human consumption. Rivera’s protocol has people on 10 times this minimal does. It can not be called anything other than poison.

sign-24056_1280This woman is gathering vulnerable people and having them poison there children. The results of following this protocol are disastrous. The followers of it proudly photograph the results on paper plates, next to coins and rulers just so you can see. They post on Facebook and forums with the joyous delight of yay look what I got today, another parasite, another worm. What they are in fact photographing is the linings of their children’s intestines. They are slowly bleaching away the lining of their children’s internal organs, specifically their intestines.

These same forums will have pictures of rashes, of toenails falling off. Mothers complaining of irritability and children in pain. These complaints are greeted with not despair, but with encouragement and support to continue, in fact at times to not just continue but in fact to increase the amount of CD because these effects are in fact a sign that the protocol is working. This is an incredibly tragic and terrible situation. It’s nothing but sickening, heartbreaking and criminal.

A disturbing factor here is the fact that these people are deceived into taking such torturous and abusive action on their own children. Members of the forum are encouraged to not post in their “real” account about it, don’t put their real names or addresses and similar aspects of subterfuge. To me this seems like the proverbial red rag to the bull. This in itself is something that should make people run a mile from this horrid woman, but it seems quacks of a feather flock together I guess.

It is illegal to sell MMS as a medical product and in the last year we have seen one Daniel Smith found guilty of doing so and is to be sentenced for up to 30 plus years in prison. However the purveyors of this poison do so in conniving ways, you go to their websites and you will find the obligatory notifications that it is not medical advice and that the product is actually water purification drops. It is all a con, all extremely vile, deceitful and just plain wrong, pure and simple, it’s abuse, it’s torture, and the use of this product should be a criminal offence in all jurisdictions.

medicine-296966_1280The Angel of Death Kerri Rivera is thriving on it though, she is making a fortune and lapping it up in her luxurious compound. Recently it has become clear that this torturer has added to the MMS torture with a new torture, the use of GcMaf, an unregulated and unapproved blood product which suppresses the immune system and has as part of it’s origins Bovine blood. Yes that’s right Cow blood. I am sure this fills particularly those in the UK with fear and trembling.

I suspect I have taken enough of your time in this edition. But it is important that we are aware of these people. If you are as horrified as I am please join us in the fight against abuse. Join us in whatever way you can. You can find out more via some links at the bottom.

One more thing before I finish. Rivera’s book is available for purchase on Amazon. There have been petitions and campaigns to have it removed, I encourage you to visit Amazon and make a complaint and request it’s removal and whilst there write a negative review of the book. You can go straight to the page of the book here.

In the next edition we will be considering the purveyor of all kinds of quackery Amanda Mary Jewell. Stay Tuned.


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