But you’re so high functioning….

But you’re not like my child because they are on the extreme end of the spectrum…

But you only have aspergers….

But you don’t look autistic….

But you are so verbal….

Oh I’m sorry that must be hard for you….

You don’t speak for my child….

You just need to learn social skills…

But ABA changed my life…

But I’m an Aspie so those on the lower functioning autistics they must want a cure….

I don’t think you should say autistic I always see the person first not the diagnosis..

But I am not disabled…

Bit I am not disordered…

Bit I am disabled…

But I am disordered….

I have heard or read all of the above. They are common phrases, they are expressed at times from all rings-684944_1920variants of the autism and autistic communities. They display that we are not at peace. We are at loggerheads, fighting against one another almost as if one community is always seeking supremacy over the others.

It’s not helpful. It’s dest
ructive. It’s never going to be helpful. It’s only ever going to divide us and not unite us.

Maybe we can never be united. Maybe that is a fact that needs to be faced. I am not sure, but maybe. But…

Surely we can be at peace.

Autism parents want their experience taken seriously as is right and proper.
Autistics want the same.

It is this that gives rise to the cries, the slogans the hash tags like Nothing About us Without Us. Different Not Less. Actually Autistic. I Don’t Need A Cure. No Cure Required. Autistic And Proud. Proud Autistic Living.

What to do? How to move forward?

I regularly see the autism and autistic communities implode and try to tear themselves and each other. It doesn’t help. It hurts. And worse it makes it easier for negative narratives to move forward and further alienate us.

It gives rise to the language of epidemic and catastrophe from the likes of Autism Speaks.

It gives rise to turning a blind eye to the horrid treatment of autistic people in places like the Judge Rotenburg Centre.

yoga-422196_1280It gives rise to allowing a platform for idiots like Donald Trump, Jim Carey, Robert Kennedy Jr and the like to proclaim utter rubbish about vaccinations.

It fosters the freedom to thrive for abusive therapies like MMS, GcMaf, Chelation and others to be marketed like snake oil and autistics children and adults to be damaged and abused.
I don’t know the answer, I know part of the answer and that is listening to each other and giving respect to each other. But it’s not the whole answer it is just a part of it.

I wonder what you can add, I wonder if you have any thoughts. Please like comment and share your thoughts.