There’s this thing. This thing that wherever you turn you hear negativity. You hear about disorder, disease, need for a cure. You hear of catastrophe and epidemic, you hear of devastation and holocaust. As if there is a genocide at work. You hear so many things. Anyone would think this thing was something that was going to kill someone. But it isn’t.

water-578229_1920You see books written by parents bemoaning their lives with the thing. You see pseudo science promoting their homeopathic quackery to “recover” people from the thing. You see parents declaring themselves warriors against the thing. Doctors declaring they can cure the thing with controversial treatments.

Groups of Dr’s join together to vowing to defeat the thing. Former movie stars declare they know all about the thing and they know what causes the thing and start foundations to defeat the thing. Mothers get caught up in cults with so-called miracle solutions and protocols that will recover their kids from the thing. They write books declaring the thing isn’t actually real but just a combinations of symptoms.

Fathers write books about the thing. Declaring they wished their kids had cancer and not the thing. They sell them on Amazon. Just to repeat, yes, they would rather that their children had cancer than the thing. The thing that won’t kill them, yes, they would rather their children had cancer, a thing that may well kill them. Than the thing they are that won’t kill them. Unconscionable but true.

Here’s the thing. The thing isn’t a thing. It’s far more than a thing, it’s an everything. That is it pervades everything, it’s part of everything. It impacts everything, It’s much more a way of being, a neurological wiring that makes one the person they are. Yes, you’ve probably guessed that the thing is Autism. Yes, it’s an everything.

It is not an epidemic, a holocaust or a catastrophe.

It is not something to be cured, or to recover people for.

It is not worse than Cancer, Lupus, Degenerative Diseases or any other life threatening illness or disorder.

It is not a tragedy. It needs no defeating and it calls on no warriors.

And here’s another thing. If it wasn’t for the autism, that friend, that person, that child, that cousin or that you, wouldn’t be the person they are. “The Autism” as it’s so-called is what makes that person that person. Extract autism, heal or cure or recover from autism and that person color-652194_1920ceases to exist.

And here’s the real thing. There is actually nothing to recover from, there is nothing to cure, there is nothing to defeat.

Autistic people are just that, autistic people. No they are not sick, diseased, disordered or doomed to a fate worse than death. They are real living breathing people.

We are real living breathing people and we being those real living breathing people are as entitled to full and productive lives just as real living breathing non autistic people are.

There’s a saying Autistic rights are human rights. It’s a truism. It needs declaring, and it needs to continue to be declared for as long there are people like Kerri Rivera spreading her hate. For as long as there is Jenny McCarthy spinning her lies, for as long as there are people spreading the fraud of Vaccine Induced Autism, for as long as there are members of Defeat Autism Now, for as long as vulnerable people feel the need to subject their children, both young and adult children to bleach treatments, chelation and the like. It needs declaring.

Yes Autistic people are human people. Yes we are not less than any other human.

perfect-948197_1920We are Perfectly Imperfect just like every other human person that walks this earth.

We are as we are, neurologically different not neurologically less. We declare nothing about us without us. That means not being subjected to treatments we don’t agree with, it means not having decisions made about us that we have no part or say in. It means we demand the same rights as the non autistic. It means we declare the same human rights as the non autistic.

It is true now and it always has been and it always will be that autistic people walk among the non autistic. It is also true that we the autistic are different not less.

Autistic Rights are Human Rights. We are as everyone is, perfectly imperfect.