Powerful, seductive, controlling words. Words that hurt words that wound, words that separate and drive fear.


Sectioning and dividing words. Words that ensure multiple layers of division loneliness and helplessness.


Yes. Words.

It was words that had so much power to do harm and did harm to me throughout childhood. It was those words that still hold power over me today.

Words. Yes. Words.

“You’ll never amount to anything”

“You’re Useless”





Words. Yes. Words.

I had my fair share of sticks and stones, they never did actually break my bones either.

Words. Yes. Words.

It was words that did the damage. Words that left me alone, words that isolated me, words that dragged me down.

Words. Yes. Words.

Even the words supposed to help brought pain and isolation.

“Just ignore them”

“If you give them attention for it you give them satisfaction”

“Just ignore it, they’ll go away”

Of course they never did.

Satisfaction seemed to reign for them regardless.

Words. Yes. Words.

I’m still waiting for them to go away, still waiting for them to stop.

Words. Yes. Just Words.

“It doesn’t mean anything”

Words. Yes, just words.

It’s never jut words. Words have innate power to slice into the very soul of a person, to slice isolate every insecurity and anxious thought and amplify them to the point of pain.

Words. Yes. Words.

I’m still waiting. Yes. Waiting. For the pain to dissolve from those hurtful words.

Knowledge that the logical truth of those words is false is in constant battle with the emotional scars they left.

Words. Yes. Words.i_am_waiting