After last night’s post about letting go, or at least asking the question I received some almost immediate feedback that this was a good thing to consider. With quite a bit of comment on the idea. I later upon heading to bed faced an opportunity that gave me the opportunity to pause, and put that question into action. To consider whether this was in fact something I needed to consider letting it go, or to keep on going.

A checked my Facebook feed as I was retiring to see a concerning post appeared. I am very thankful that I did because if I had of blinked I would have missed it, and if I had, would have missed a disruption in the force, a fracture in the ranks of those fighting for advocacy acceptance and safety for Âûtistic people, and especially Âûtistic children.

Fractured Glass

Fractured Glass

Yes there is a fracture, not a complete breach, but a fracture nevertheless. I saw accusation, I saw ego, I saw complete bullshit really. But what wasn’t bullshit was the fact that a tireless advocate was being silenced and sidelined. An Âûtistic adult, who tirelessly works to bring to light and expose the sellers, proponents, marketers and users of abusive treatments being perpetrated on Âûtistic children around the world. This amazing advocate together with another amazing advocate has exposed sellers of these horrible treatments, participated in a number of media events including an expose on the BBC which involved a several month investigative process and exposed a prominent seller of poison in the UK.

The fall out of all this has been pretty fast and furious. Strong advocates have had their access to publishing their work limited and removed from a reasonably large group of people committed to standing against harmful treatments. Myself and some others removed from a support group. People hurt and in shock.

I have been disappointed in the accusations flying, the tension and stress placed on the Âûtistic advocacy community. This is a fracture. This places thing in a state of tension. But accusations are nothing but hot air and angry words. The Âûtistic community will gather themselves, they will ask themselves what the way forward is. Indeed we will move forward stronger and with re-ignited passion and purpose. We will not be defeated by internal infighting, accusation and finger pointing that are nothing more than the result of egos put out of joint.




You could say we are wound up in a state where we are pressurised and ready to burst. We can burst in implosion or we can harness the pressure and burst forward with purpose. Burst forward with a renewed passionate purpose to continue to build on the successes we have achieved. To keep exposing the illegal practices, to keep exposing the trauma inflicted on autistic people. We must. It is that important.

We must not allow this fracture to grow into anything more than it a hiccup along the way.

We must not allow this fracture to spread like a chip in a windscreen that festers and grows and spreads across the whole windscreen rendering it useless.

This can not be allowed to happen. It must not. It can not. It is too Important. Too many lives are at risk.

business_man_hand_513590I will certainly leave my hand extended so that cracks are open to be mended. But in the meantime, forward progress continues. Every little step, every little letter written, every tweet, every interview, every Facebook post is a chink in the armour of these abuser. Each chink like the swing of a tomohawk against a massive river redgums trunk. Each swing can seem to be making no impact but all of these swings build together and the damage accumulates. The chinks accumulate and eventually the great edifice of lies and deceit will come crashing down.

In the end regardless of anything that has gone before those that stand for the welfare and safety of our children must stand together and unite. Stand together and commit to making it work. Stand together in spite of our differences.

The defeat of the bleach cult depends on this.

The defeat of the anti-vaxers depends on this.

The defeat of the GcMaf treatments depends on this.

The defeat of the Chelation treatments depends on this.

The defeat of the hyperbaric chamber abuse depends on this.

The safety, the security the chance of our children to survive and thrive and be the very best Âûtistic children and adults they can be depends on us. To get past our differences. To live with the tension and move forward beyond finger pointing and accusation.

We must stand together.


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