Yes it’s coming. Every year it comes, like an avalanche it comes.

Awareness day, awareness month.

It comes it erases the voices of the actual autistic.

It parades blue light bulbs and people spending days in bubbles.

It comes, it claims to be for us, but it isn’t.

It never was.

It was always about the organisations.

It was always about the parents.

It was always about the siblings.

It was always about the teachers.


Yes it’s coming. April 2 is only a few short weeks away. And here it comes.

Time to become aware again, once again.

That those you thought really were allies are actually anti-vaxers after all

That those you really thought got it start buying blue light bulbs.

That those you thought were down with it start talking up cures and the latest and greatest recovery fad.


Yes it’s coming.

Fellow autistics, this too will pass.

All we can do is:

Never Surrender.

Talk our talk.

Promote the neurodiversity paradigm.

Refuse to be silenced.

Speak our truth.

Be different and not less.

To loudly proclaim nothing about us without us.


Yes it is coming.

It is coming and there isn’t anything we can do about it.

It will come, we can’t stop it.


We can change our response and not take it lying down.

We can change our response and tell all the good stories, of valuable wonderful autistic life.

Yes it is coming.

And we can stand and face it and fight it like it never saw us coming.

We can’t stop it, but maybe, just maybe we can change it.

Autism Awareness, is so last century, Autism Acceptance and Celebration is where it is at now.

Lets stand together and make it happen.