Advocacy blocking by keyboard warrior

by | Aug 24, 2015

The above gallery highlights the only acceptable way for posts to be displayed in the BANCDMMS Facebook group. It is a group that is meant to be a public group to raise awareness of the terrible treatments of those against abusive treatments of Autistic people. I say the only acceptable way of posting as any other form is deleted or changed by the sole admin of the group. This sole admin actively removes and blocks members who dare to question this.

I am one of those members.  Another is Fiona O’Leary and another is Emma Dalmayne. I am a little more like a keyboard warrior than these other two fine advocates, who are putting their selves on the line every day for the protection of autistic people.

As you page through the images in the gallery one thing you will notice is the prevalence of the content is authored by Fiona, Emma and myself, not exclusively, but predominantly.

Essentially we, and we are not the only ones, are blocked from participating in this group, but the content of the group is predominantly made up of our broader contributions to advocacy against abusers of autistics.

So it could seem I have an axe to grind here, and maybe I do, but that’s not really the point. The point is that this so-called community group is ruled with an iron fist by a single demi-god like admin. He is a known member of the infamous. Over the last couple of days I have attempted to make contact with the admin to request an explanation for why he refuses to properly acknowledge and link the source of content.

23 Aug 2015 02-41-17

The method of doing so was to use a back up Facebook account. This was an account I created when my primary account was reported for a fake name due to the Âû at the end of my name. I noticed that this account was still a member of the group as it has been a dormant account for some time. I entered the group and put up a post asking about the reasons for not linking to the posts directly. I also posted links to the originating blogs of a few of the posts in question.

23 Aug 2015 02-40-4823 Aug 2015 02-40-30As can be seen the comment is simply a link to the original post nothing more, nothing sinister or critical.

On returning to the group the following day I discovered I was no longer able to post to the group. I refreshed my browser page to discover that not only had I been removed from the group but I had been blocked from even seeing the content in the group.

23 Aug 2015 07-57-21

Surely this is not an acceptable way to deal with disagreement. Surely this is not a way to approach a so-called Open Group? A so-called community group?

I then went to the admins public profile and contacted him to ask if perhaps there was a problem with the group. Had it ceased to exist. Hoping that there would be some possibility to discuss the issue in a reasonable manner. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. I composed what I felt was a perfectly civil and polite message:

24 Aug 2015 09-06-25

As you can see from the above image I sent a short message via the chat facility  and it was seen at a time of 20:41. As can also be seen the response from Craig, was to block me personally from contacting him. This displays a pattern of behaviour. Any critique of questioning of the admin is met with blocking, no discussion, no answer, no communication to be entered into.

There is much more that could be said about the background and history of this situation, which would give some interesting gossip but would not in fact assist in the situation at all. What is clear however is that one person in this equation is actively blocking others from information whilst trying to drive traffic away from other sites to his own site. And for what I ask? The cause is the protection of Autistics. It’s not a competition, surely that is just plain ridiculous.

Whilst one person plays silly games blocking real advocates and playing demigod, the real advocates are out there putting their lives and families on the line to protect Autistic people. This is not acceptable. In the last 24-48 hours I have seen these fine advocates vilified and pilloried in public websites as paid shills and as instigating or being involved in murders of doctors. Meanwhile the so-called admin of the BANCDMMS group on Facebook simply sits behind his keyboard trawling the blogs of real advocates to build content on his group, as he has cut off from contributing almost all those that are out there writing, emailing, phone calling, doing interviews and bringing to the publics attention the abuse of autistic children and adults.

This is not acceptable. I encourage any who are a part of his group to leave it. I encourage you to find alternative advocacy groups to join, there are others available.