The previous post on liberation was something of a declaration of positivity, now we have the M post, and as much as I would prefer not to have to talk about this topic, it must be talked about, it must be. It’s that important. Yes M is for MMS and it really sucks that it even exists.

MMS for those that are unaware is an acronym for Miracle Mineral Solution. A concoction of chemicals mixed together to from what is, essentially, industrial bleach. It’s touted by its true believers as a cure all for everything. It cures cancer, autism, lupus, you name it it cures it.

It’s known by some other names also. Miracle Mineral Supplement and CD- Chlorine Dioxide are among them. The solution does have a legitimate purpose in very tiny concentrations for water purification. It is not fit for human consumption and taken in the doses recommended is highly toxic and extremely dangerous.

The use of this product is the brain flip of Jim Humble the leader of the Genesis II church. A healing cult, it’s called a church but it is not religious at all. It is in fact just a lot unhinged and totally irrational. It starts from a belief that Jim himself is an alien come to earth with his miracle healing solution. If you start from that premise you are already way out there in my book.

I could go to great lengths to try to explain the chemistry and use of the MMS but that work is certainly already done. I encourage you to watch the youtube video below, an investigative report by the One show from last year:

A shorter one here:

Or a longer in depth one here:

And then there’s Kerri Rivera and her poisoning of parents against their own children, against any semblance of common sense. Kerri released a book by the name of “Healing the Symptoms known as Autism”. In Kerri’s mind autism is not actually a thing, it is a bunch of symptoms that are caused by rope worms, which, don’t even exist, infecting the body’s systems. Before I go to into Kerri you can read a little more about her here, where I have previously written about.

So M is for MMS and MMS is pure evil inflicted upon autistic children and adults at the hands of their parents. Dissolved in water or as bleach enemas inserted up the rear passage. Parents happily taking pictures of the ‘worms’ they find in their children’s faeces. But they aren’t worms they are intestinal linings.

M is for MMS and it needs to be stopped. Web shops selling it as water purification drops, YouTubers with their false testimonies of what a miracle it is.

Here’s the thing. Bleach will not and does not cure any of the diseases they claim it does, and MMS does not cure autism, because for one, it’s not a disease or illness it’s a neurological difference, and two, it’s just quackery pure and simple.

Unfortunately, it’s not like a run of the mill health kick that has no basis, or it’s not like taking some vitamin supplements, it’s fucking poison. Yes, fucking poison.

M is for MMS it must be stopped.

I follow the campaigning work of Emma Dalmayne who campaigns tirelessly to defeat it along with Fiona O’Leary and others. These advocates call for legislation to make this poison illegal. I can only agree with them as the current state of affairs is that it is extremely difficult to stamp this out due to the vaguery of the law, this appears to be the case everywhere, not just the USA or the UK, but everywhere.

The real thing of course is, that, if, autism, being autistic wasn’t pathologized as disease and disorder, if the world media weren’t so quick to portray autistics as less than normal, if bullshit about vaccines causing autism and horrible organisations like Autism $peaks, were not so intent on painting autism as a destroyer, an epidemic, and a catastrophe, then this horrible poisoning of autistic children would never have gained a stronghold.

Yes, if it wasn’t for the stigma, if it wasn’t for the narrative of less, broken and flawed, then autistics would be more accepted both by their families and in the wider community and poisons like MMS would never gain popularity and be seen as an option to easily fooled parents.

M is for MMS and it is poison.