These articles have been somewhat difficult to write, so this will be the final instalment of this series of posts, for now anyway. For anyone who has just come across this series you can see access Part one on Andrew Wakefield, part two on Jeff Bradstreet and part three on Kerri Rivera. In bringing these posts to you I have looked into the face of pure evil. Thought about what I would categorise as the worst of the worst, those that would destroy children for the feathering of their own nests. It is a tragic situation and I look forward to moving on to writing on some different topics. I thank you for sticking with the horror to get through them.

superman-295328_1280Today we consider a so called hero, who it seems, really does believe she is a hero. This woman is an absolute disgrace to the human race. She is surely under some kind of delusional state with the things she says and does. She has been known by various names over the years, but she is most well known by the moniker Amanda Mary Jewell.

It’s hard to know where to start with this particular monster. Her life is jam packed mine full of horror. Needless to say she is no hero. She is in fact a person that has been involved in the abuse of people with cancer and autistic people without any seeming presence of conscience. Even a shallow level investigation Amanda’s life yields some horrifying results.

Amanda calls herself a cancer researcher with more than fifteen years of experience. However a search of any reputable sources of scholarly information will yield zero results that have anything to do with Amanda. I have attempted to request some information about her research and so far the only information I have managed to get hold of is her referencing her blog. Now there are many blogs that contain good information and quality writing, however research it is not. I did contact Amanda via twitter at @AmandaMJewell asking her to provide her credentials as a researcher, but alas I received no reply. Actually there was a response though, the response of being blocked from accessing her tweets.

She blogs at a couple of places, but the most prominent is Mother Nature and You. This is full of all kinds of rubbish and pseudo science, and, of course a good dose of conspiracy theory. There is much present in her ravings and rantings about the evils of vaccines and their causing of all kinds of diseases. Of course is the presence of a conviction that they are utterly responsible for Autism.  Here’s a video showing what she thinks about vaccines.

You  can’t make this shit up. This is the stuff this woman says and promotes. But onto more serious issues.

Until quite recently, curiously the timing coinciding with the exposure of Leonardo Edwards by the BBC investigation and the conviction of MMS seller Daniel Smith, Amanda was sprucing MMS on her website. She seems to have got her start as a member of the Genesis 2 church, the non religious church of so called health and healing headed up by the self-proclaimed alien Jim Humble – I kid you not.

warning-577062_1280Amanda did have at some point a falling out and so-called ex-communication from the church through her opposition to Kerri Rivera’s enemas with MMS. Not a problem with MMS itself, it seems Amanda was quite ok with poisoning via the mouth, just not via the back passage. In the intervening time Amanda has jumped onto a new bandwagon. She has not resiled from MMS being a wonderful miracle healing agent at all but now there is another product that is just such a wonderful compliment to the so called Miracle cure. Curious, really, surely it is either a miracle healing agent or it isn’t.  Surely two miracle products are not needed?

In tweets recently, those I was able to see prior to being blocked, Amanda wrote glowingly of Kerri and her so called miracle recoveries through her use of MMS. It appears that Kerri too has jumped onto the new bandwagon, perhaps a new alliance has been formed.

This product in question is known as GcMaf. A live blood product which is unregulated and unapproved and bloody darn expensive. A single vial is hundred of euros to purchase. The question has been raised into the ingredients of this GcMaf that has highlighted the likely presence of Bovine blood in the product. This product is administered through painful intramuscular injections.

This product is far from safe. And it seems that Amanda is somewhat on the run because of it. However this has not stopped her selling her product wherever and whenever she can. Recently her home was the subject of a raid by the MHRA in the UK for hosting a Genesis 2 MMS gathering, the same Genesis 2 church she is supposedly no longer a part of, just happened to be using her home.

Since then she has spent time on the Island of Dominica seemingly hiding, and made quite a drama about how the media there were hounding her and she was like a prisoner there. The reality was that Autistic advocates had made some discreet contact with the media their giving them a simple heads up of the activities she was involved in and the likely reason for her being on the island of setting up some kind of cowboy clinic for this GcMaf treatment.

It is not the first time that she has been involved in this kind of thing at all. She was involved in a flight from Bulgaria where she and her husband Doug, ran another of these clinics. The clinic was in a hotel and was certainly the subject of controversy. There were two deaths that occurred at her clinic there. Whether these deaths were the direct result of the treatment provided by Amanda, or not. But what is known is that the people involved were in, I believe end stage cancer and were denied the provision of any standard pain killers to assist them.

It appears that Amanda and Doug made a dash for it before they could be held to account for whatever their role may have been. I am not saying that they are responsible, but it is certainly a curious and suspicious situation indeed. There are reports available in the Bulgarian press that detail the known details of the situation.

one thing is certain about Amanda and that is that she does not choose to do things according to the regulations and requirements of where she does her business. Indeed she uses deceit and trickery to make it appear that she is out of jurisdiction. On the website she runs to sell GcMaf First Pro Engineering, the company address is listed as being in Bulgaria, however it details the use of the UK Royal mail and lists a UK telephone contact number. Clearly a case of obfuscation at the very least.

Amanda is convinced that she knows all there is to know about Autism, yet, she tweets nastily about how certain advocates have no empathy and are unable to understand because they are autistic. She is unable to comprehend herself that in fact being autistic is simply a neurological difference and not a disease. Of course this is of no consequence to her as what she is really interested in doing is making money from her quack treatments on the backs of vulnerable and desperate people.

hypothecary-credit-149895_1280Amanda comes off with a soft and friendly manner and attempts to portray a caring and loving image, yet the nasty side of her has been very evident in her communications with advocates like Fiona O’leary and Emma Dalmayne, she has openly ridiculed knowledgable Phd students and compared them to Kindergarten students. This woman is not full of any love and light, as she signs off her tweets, but is full of danger and horror. One would be well advised to steer very clear of her.

This brings to a close this series of posts. And one thing is clear, none of these people in question are heroes of autism, they are in fact villains of autism. They gain wealth on the backs of the desperation and vulnerability of people who believe they need to recover their children from autism. They do so with an eye on nothing but their own success. They do so with no concern of the dire consequences the will occur for the victims of their crimes.

The more I have thought about this over the process of these articles, the more I am convinced that the narrative of the media and the autism peak bodies like Autism Speaks in America, The National Autistic Society in the UK and Aspect and Amaze in Australia must take a level of responsibility for this. It is the negative narrative, the patholigising and characterising autistic children as lost, locked away, intellectually incompetent, and unable to make their way in the world that has in fact created the market in that these monsters have been able to operate in.

I thank you for bearing with these posts and making your way through them. I hope they have been somewhat informative and a jumping off point to find out more, or to at the very least be wary of the treatments that are pushed for so called recovery and curing of autism.

Stay tuned for something of a different nature to be forthcoming.